About Us

There are distinctive homes and then there are distinctive stone homes.
For thousands of years, man has used colors, textures and the properties of stone to adorn structures of importance. It is no surprise that the seven wonders of the ancient and medieval world have one thing in common: stone. From the great pyramid of Giza to St. Paul's Cathedral in London and the Empire State Building in New York, limestone has been used throughout history in the creation of some of the world's most iconic structures.
Today, its unique qualities are used to provide both form, finish and durability to some of the finest homes in America. That's because while architectural styles may evolve overtime, the strength, integrity and beauty of limestone has a permanence that transcends mere cultural preferences.
For stone to look beautiful it takes skilled hand-carvers with meticulous attention to detail in creating designs that complement the architectural style of the home. This quality is in evidence in the exterior cladding, staircases, fireplaces, bathrooms and pool decks which have been provided by Limestone Dimensions across the US and beyond.
Based in Southwest Florida, they are renown for purveying the finest unique stone not readily available through local or international distribution channels. Key to their success is the ability to source high-grade, precision-carved, artisan-finished limestone from quarries across the world, including rich deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and the Americas.